Transform a room with glow in the dark paint!

Does your child want a new bedroom but you do not want to spend a lot of money on it? Then instead of going to the furniture store, you could also buy a bottle of glow in the dark paint. That way you save yourself a lot of money and you can still turn the room into something cool by applying it in different shapes. After sundown it will look like you enter a magical world. Your kids will love it for sure!

Decoration tips

Glow in the dark bedroom

Bedroom with glowing paintings

The paint is available in a lot of different colors and if you buy some of them you can create the most beautiful pieces of art. If you want to keep it simple, it could be wise to use a template with the shapes already cut out.


Every time the paint has been exposed to a light source for long enough, the paint can glow up to twelve hours. The best way to achieve this, is to let sunshine into the bedroom during daytime but it should also suffice to leave the light on for a couple of minutes.

Other applications

Apart from decorating rooms, there are also plenty of other applications thinkable of what you can do with this paint. For example, you could paint a skeleton on black clothing for Halloween to create a wonderful costume. Also for safety purposes the paint is very useful. If you apply it on the vertical parts of a stairway, you can also use the stairs safely in the dark.

Ultimate paint comparison guide

This is the most complete overview of paint products that you will find on the internet. By sorting based on certain columns you can easily determine which paint you want to have. Use the search box the filter the table on any property you want. For example if you want to compare only the red paint, then type ‘red’ into the search box and the table will filter on it automatically.

Click here to go to our comparison guide.

Do it yourself

The paint is also very easy to make by yourself. To do this, buy some transparent, or alternatively some white paint and mix it with glow in the dark powder. When the mixing is done your paint is ready to use. Additionally you can use the powder to make a glowing statue or a cup. Make sure you buy powder that is made of strontium aluminate. Other chemicals can be harmful.

Glow in the dark roads

Glow in the dark road

Picture of a car on a highway that has light emitting markings on it

Recently The Netherlands have begun to construct highways with glow in the dark markings. The paint recharges during daytime and at night you can clearly see your lane without need for any additional lighting. They are also experimenting with dynamic road markings that only light up when it is required.

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